Buddy The Elf™ Spaghetti Meal Kits Go on Sale Next Week

Have you ever wanted to eat spaghetti covered in candy and maple syrup like Will Ferrell did in the movie Elf? Now you can!

Next week a new meal kit for Buddy The Elf™ Spaghetti is being made available by HelloFresh.

Warner Brothers teamed with HelloFresh to create the unique culinary dish. The kits will be available at HelloFreshElfSpaghetti.com starting Monday (12/5) and will cost $15 each.

The kit includes: pasta, marshmallows, various types of candy, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, chocolate cereal and generic chocolate-frosted pop tarts. Each kit is advertised to make two servings of Buddy The Elf™ Spaghetti.

They will likely sell out fast. However, you will have more than one chance to purchase them. They are making a limited number of kits available Monday through Friday starting at 11:25 a.m. central time (12:25 p.m. eastern time) with a limit of two kits per purchase.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens