Garth Brooks Says He Never Felt Like A Songwriter Until “Luke Combs Sang The Sh*t Out Of ‘Beaches Of Cheyenne’”

Luke Combs
(Photo credit: Curtis Hilbun,

Garth Brooks was honored at the Nashville Songwriters Association Awards. He received the Kris Kristofferson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Brooks now stands with Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, and Bill Anderson—collectively known as the “Mount Rushmore” of recipients.

After the show, Garth Brooks said he “never considered himself a songwriter until he heard Luke Combs sing the sh$t out of “Beaches of Cheyenne.”

Brooks says the song was originally written to be funny, but the line “every night she walks the beaches of Cheyenne” changed the course of the song. After Combs’ performance, Garth jumped to his feet with enthusiastic applause.

What is the best-written song, in your opinion? Who would you rather have write a song about your life, Garth Brooks or Willie Nelson?