‘The Voice’ Season 22 Trailer: Blake Shelton Stirs Trouble With New Coach Camila Cabello

The Voice New Season (Photo/YouTube)

Raise your hand if you are ready to see Blake Shelton up to his old tricks on the new season of “The Voice?”

Camila Cabello is learning the hard way that Blake Shelton is out to win this season.

In a new trailer for season 22, Cabello receives an “anonymous” letter telling her she’s going to lose.

As Gwen Stefani wonders who would send such a message, John Legend also receives a letter just like Camilla…

Hmm…who could the “anonymous” person be???

“The Voice,” premieres on September 19th. 

Are you excited to see Camila Cabello on The Voice? Who do you think will win this season?