Brett Young will Leave Podcasting to Other People

Brett Young
Brett Young (Photo credit: Curtis Hilbun,

It seems everybody has a podcast these days, and while Brett Young will never say never, it’s not likely Brett will be rolling out his own podcast any time soon.  “Honestly, I’m surprised people are still listenin’ to my music. I don’t think I could feel justified asking ‘em to listen for an hour a week to something else I have an opinion about.”

Besides not wanting to overwhelm people with his thoughts and opinions, Brett says, “If I were to do a podcast I wouldn’t even know where to start, ’cause unless somebody’s leading it and asking me the questions, you know, that’s not a skill set I have. So, I have mad respect for people that do that, that have enough to say to fill that much time all the time.”

Also, Brett knows there is already so much music and so many podcasts and shows vying for people’s attention, and he doesn’t want to add to that because he says with a laugh, “Especially with two young kids now, I value my silence.“