Will Luke Combs Bring His Newborn Baby on the Road?

Luke Combs
(Photo credit: Curtis Hilbun, AFF-USA.com)

Luke Combs has a very busy second half of the year. He has a new album, a new tour and a new baby on the way. When asked if wife Nicole and the baby will be joining him on the road this fall, this was his response.

“I mean, I think you need at least a year, before the road thing, even starts coming into the discussion. I mean, we don’t even take our dog on the road, because of how much we feel like that effects his quality of life. So I can’t imagine wanting to take a newborn out there. I think we really want to make sure that we have this parenting thing down and figured out, before we start adding in a variable as huge as doing it on the road.”

Luke’s new album Growin’ Up is set to drop June 24th. The debut single “Doin’ This” is climbing the charts at #4 this week on Billboard. Find out where Luke will be on tour this year at his website LukeCombs.com.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens