What Is the Trashiest Food You Love?

A pizza
A pizza (Photo credit: YouTube)

Today (5/11) is National Eat What You Want Day. We want to know what is the trashiest food that you love?

This is apparently a day to enjoy whatever food you love regardless if it is good for you or not. You can indulge your taste buds without feeling guilty. What foods would people eat more of if there were no consequences?

According to a somewhat recent poll the top five are:

  1. Pizza (13%)
  2. Pasta (12%)
  3. Burgers (11%)
  4. Ice Cream (11%)
  5. Tacos/Burritos (9%)

I eat four out of those five regularly. Ice cream I ration how often I have anymore. That would be my number one if there were no consequences.

What food is YOUR guilty pleasure food?

By: Buck Stevens