Luke Combs Says Sharing Hunting with Other Writers Has Been Huge for Him

Luke Combs after a successful turkey hunt
Luke Combs after a successful turkey hunt (Photo credit:

Luke Combs has become one of the top artists in country music. I believe that is in large part due to his ability to connect with fans through his songs. Luke’s songs are about things in his life that are also a part of the life of the fans.

If you follow Luke on social media, you know that hunting is something that is a big part of his life. Luke feels that has helped him connect with the people that have helped him write the songs that the fans are relating to.

“I think the woods, a place I can go and not feel the pressure of having to be the guy that everyone thinks you are, or wants you to be. And also, being able to do that mainly with people that I write with is, you know, most of the time who I’m hunting with. Having that shared interest, and being out and doing things like that, has had a huge impact.”

I can relate to the escape you feel in the woods while hunting. It is definitely a way to recharge when life has drained your batteries.

Luke’s latest single “Doin’ This” is close to becoming his next #1 song. It is at number four on the Billboard chart this week and climbing.

By: Buck Stevens

Buck Stevens