Jason Aldean Says Wife Brittany Aldean ‘Lost Her Mind’ After Her Latest Wine-Induced Purchase

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr on a tour bus.
(Photo credit: YouTube)

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany is living proof that you shouldn’t drink and Amazon Prime!

Be honest, you’ve done it at least once (I know I have!)

On Tuesday afternoon (Mar. 15), Jason took to Instagram to show a purchase that his wife, Brittany, made after a night of drinking wine.

“My wife has lost her mind,” Aldean captioned the clip.

The Instagram clip, narrated by Aldean, shows a few of his wife’s late-night, wine-induced purchases, which include sweet corn Squirrelog, deer feed and miniature picnic tables for Squirrels.

“This is what happens when your wife has a couple bottles of wine and wants to jump on Amazon and order some things that are just not even… I don’t even understand…” Aldean says in the clip. ”So, this, for you guys that don’t know, is a squirrel picnic table. You put some food in it and apparently they eat it. I ain’t ever seen anything like it.”