Here’s How to Get Those Free Rapid COVID-19 Tests Shipped To Your House

COVID Tests (Photo/Pixabay Free Use: Alexandra_Koch)

Need a COVID test, but can’t find one anywhere? Maybe they have been sold out in stores. Now, you can get four free rapid COVID tests for your household from

The website officially launched this morning, (it launched as a beta test a little earlier than expected), allowing people to order a maximum of four tests per household. The tests will then be shipped directly to you. Order your tests HERE.

Just ordered mine! It was super easy. Literally, just enter your name and address, and an email address if you want tracking details. Here’s what the confirmation said.

Once shipping starts in “late January”, the tests are expected to ship within seven to 12 days, and you will receive a tracking number with updates on the expected delivery date.

Again, requests are limited to four tests per household, regardless of household size.

In addition to the website, the federal government is said to be setting up a hotline to request the tests. It is currently being piloted and additional details will be available at the end of week.

Have you tried to order your free tests yet? How did it go?