Randy Travis Writes Emotional Letter: ‘When My Last Silent Prayer Is Said, I’ll Thank God for Garth Brooks In My Life’

Randy Travis
Randy Travis (Photo credit: TCD)

Randy Travis, the newly crowned CMT Artist of a Lifetime, just penned an emotional tribute to his longtime friend Garth Brooks.

Travis shared a series of photos of himself alongside Brooks, Trisha Yearwood and his wife, Mary, with a caption dedicated to Garth. 

“When my last silent prayer is said, I’ll thank God for @garthbrooks in my life,” Travis began. 

He went on to reflect on his life and his relationship with Garth, writing: 

Our lives are like a mountain range — each a separate mountain, a different elevation, a different climb to the top, with different views — but it takes them all to make a range. The higher you go, the more you see, the greater the rush, the harder the fall. I’ve had my share of it all. Now, I have the chance to glance back on ones that made my climb better, easier and more worthwhile.

Garth Brooks came along right behind me and kept cheering me on as he climbed his own ‘taller’ mountain! I’m so glad one was near the other. I’m on the other side of my mountain, so we don’t see each other as much; but, never a day goes by that I doubt Garth is still there for me — telling the world now, what he told me back then.

It took us all to get us where we are — to see what we saw, and do what we did — and what a beautiful range we made! Thank you, Garth, for the time you always take from your climb, to check on me and share your kind words with the world about what I meant to you. I may have helped bring our genre back to life, but you taught it how to live!

God bless you and @trishayearwood, always, as y’all have blessed multitudes, daily.

I love ya’, Brother.

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