Las Vegas and Disney Just Two Of Many Requiring Masks Indoors Once Again

Las Vegas
Las Vegas (Photo/Pixabay Free Use)

If you have been planning a summer trip, you may have to mask up again!

Don’t throw those masks away, or stick them in the junk drawer never to be found again, because you might just need them.

Many places are announcing new policies for masks indoors, and quite a few of them are vacation destinations.

Las Vegas and Disney are two vacation hotspots that will now require guests to mask up once again.

With the CDC’s latest recommendation that people once again wear masks indoors, the City of Las Vegas has announced a new mandate that takes effect now.

Both Disneyland and Disney World are also adjusting their mask policy.

Starting today, if you travel to the “Happiest Place on Earth” and you are over the age of two, you will once again have to wear masks indoors, on buses, the monorail, and no the Disney Skyline.

This is just two of the many vacation destinations that are requiring masks indoors again.

No decision has been made of how long the new (or back to the old) mask policy will remain in effect.

Does the indoor mask policy change your vacation plans?