Before Songs Get His Approval, Dustin Lynch Listens to Them in a Truck or Boat

Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch (Photo credit: Tammie Arroyo,

Dustin Lynch will not give his approval for his songs unless he listens to them in a truck or on a boat.

The country music singer-songwriter explains why it takes a trip in a truck or on a boat to get his seal of approval on his music.

“The starting point for a song in my catalogue is the truck or the boat. There’s something about me driving where I listen a little bit different or maybe I just can pay attention a little bit more to it. But when I write a song, the first place I will listen to it is my truck driving to the farm or on the boat driving on the lake or whatever. And usually that’s the end … bar two. I like to listen in a lot of different head-spaces and scenarios. But most of the time it is alone in a car or boat … to get those final mix tweaks done. Because that’s where I want my music to be heard and enjoyed and become a part of someone’s life is most likely those two places first.”

Dustin just released two new songs for his fans. You can listen to “Not Every Cowboy” and “Pasadena” here. If you want to do it the way Dustin intended, listen to them in a truck or on a boat.

Where is your favorite place to listen to music?

By: Buck Stevens
Buck Stevens