Old Dominion’s Brad Tursi Shares a Good Boat Story

Old Dominion
Old Dominion (L-R) Whit Sellers, Trevor Rosen, Matthew Ramsey, Geoff Sprung and Brad Tursi (Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville)

Old Dominion’s latest single is called “I Was On A Boat That Day.” In honor of that song, the group’s guitar player Brad Tursi shares a fun boat story with a happy ending.

“I got a good memory of a boat. There was one time I had a little sailboat and I was out there all by myself on the lake in Nashville and I fell off the boat with the engines still on and the boat was gone. I didn’t know what I was going to do I was swimming around to an island I thought I would maybe have to make a fort on or something like that. And then the boat came all the way around in a giant circle and somehow I grabbed on to it pull myself back up and … and now I’m here to tell the joke.”

The group’s lead singer Matthew Ramsey asked, “You named the boat after that, right?”

Brad responded, “Oh yeah, the boat is now called Boomerang or was. Now it has since been given to somebody else.”

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Do you have a good memory of being on a boat? Share it with us.

By: Buck Stevens
Buck Stevens