Is Luke Bryan Maren Morris’ Baby Daddy? [VIDEO]

Luke Bryan
Photo/YouTube Luke Bryan on Ellen Degeneres

No need to bring Maury Povich into this, Luke Bryan is shutting down rumors that he is the father of Maren Morris’ baby.

Luke Bryan, you are NOT the father!

During a new episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired yesterday, Luke revealed it was actually his MOM who called to inform him about claims he was Maren’s baby daddy in a gossip magazine.

Luke said he imeddiately had to call Maren’s husband Ryan Hurd “Buddy, I think we need to talk,” because Ryan actually wrote Luke’s new single “Waves” and Luke wanted to make sure Ryan knew it was all a misunderstanding.

Ryan wasn’t worried about it at all, in fact he laughed at the rumors.

Watch Luke’s full interview with Ellen below.