‘Godzilla v Kong’ Is HBO Max’s Biggest Hit Yet

Godzilla vs Kong movie screen shot
Godzilla vs Kong movie screen shot (Photo credit: twitter.com/GodziIIaVSKong video)

Godzilla vs Kong has proven to be a huge hit for HBO Max. I mean even bigger than Wonder Woman 1984 huge.

The film was released in theaters as well as on HBO Max and since its release, it has proven to be the biggest streaming release for HBO Max.

According to Samba, 3.6 million households watched at least five minutes of the film within the first five days of the release.

Godzilla vs Kong also did big numbers at the box office despite Hollywood having issues with new films on streaming services and in theaters. The film made 48.1 million at the box office in its opening weekend.

Are you Team Kong or Team Godzilla?