“Snow Moon” Expected To Light Up The Sky This Week

Photo/Pixabay Free Use Moon

Last week it was the Mars rover landing on the red planet – in a few days, it’ll be another cool out-of-this-world sight to see.

The “Snow Moon” will occur on Friday evening (2/26) through Saturday morning (2/27). It is expected to reach peak illumination at 2:17am CST on the 27th. The moon will rise around sunset, reach the highest point in the sky around midnight, and set around dawn. So, when peak illumination occurs, the moon will be halfway between its apex and the horizon.

Both Native and colonial Americans gave nicknames to each of the year’s full moons, usually based on the weather, harvest, or animal behavior.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, February’s full moon was named the “Snow Moon” because the month tends to be snowy.

Will you stay awake to catch this years “Snow Moon?”