Luke Combs Performs Live at Daytona 500, Honors Earnhardt, and Meets Petty [VIDEO]

Luke Combs Performs Daytona 500
Photo/YouTube Daytona 500

Luke Combs spent Valentine’s Day in the most special way, but it wasn’t with his wife Nicole…it was his other favorite thing, performing LIVE at the Daytona 500!

Luke took the stage honoring Dale Earnhardt in a letterman jacket filled with Dale’s number, signature, and photo. It was a tribute to Earnhardt marking the 20th anniversary of his death during the finale lap of the Dayona 500 in 2001.

Prior to Luke’s performance, he even got to hang out and spend some time with Richard Petty!

Luke was most excited to finally get to perform live, as he has missed it just as much as his fans!