Justin Moore’s Marriage had to Adjust to the Pandemic

Justin Moore
Justin Moore (Photo credit: Curtis Hilbun, AFF-USA.com)

Justin Moore and his wife, Kate, have never spent as much time together as they have during the pandemic, ever. “We started dating in ’02, saw each other, I don’t know, a week out of every four, five or six weeks. And then when she moved to Nashville from Louisiana, I left and went on the road and was gone all the time, and so we saw each other about the same frequency.”

So, now that Justin is home every single day, he says of all that togetherness, “It’s taken some figuring out, for sure. You know, because there’s a flow to our life, there’s a rhythm to our lives that works for us and always has. And the fact that that rhythm has been interrupted is something you definitely gotta navigate.”

The good news is, unlike some relationships that have suffered because of the pandemic, Justin says of he and Kate, “We’re great. Everything’s good and our marriage is good. We still have a blast together.”

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