Wife Spends Thousands On Vet Because Husband Blames Farts On The Dog

Photo: Pixabay Free User/LUM3N

We’ve all been guilty of blaming it on the dog, but this wife’s story about her husband blaming the dog for his smelly farts is too much!

According to this woman, she smelled something disgusting one day while eating dinner with her husband, of course he shrugged it off and said it’s probably the dog. For weeks, this would happen, the wife would catch a whif of something that smelled like rotten eggs, and again her husband would blame Jerry, the family dog. The woman tried everything to get rid of the smell, she lit candles and incense, but the smell was horrid, and the whole time her husband was silent…except for his “silent but deadlies.” At this point, she is no longer worried about the smell, but worried that something is wrong with dear old Jerry, so she took him to the vet.

For 5 weeks the vet ran tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. Thousands of dollars in vet bills later, her husband finally confessed that, yes, that god awful smell was actually him, not sweet Jerry.

Wifey is NOT happy about it and wants him to pay her back for all of the vet bills!

One reddit user shared the story…