Luke Combs Says Deluxe Album is More Than Just “Some Extra Songs”

Luke Combs
(Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville/Credit: Zack Massey)

Luke Combs just released a deluxe version of his album What You See Is What You Get. He feels that this is the perfect time for bonus version of his sophomore album. Luke says it is more than just “some extra songs” added to the original album.


'What You See Ain't Always What You Get' album cover
(Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville)

What You See Ain’t Always What You Get dropped last Friday, October 23rd. Luke says he feels that this year is the perfect time to release a deluxe album.

“So, the reason I go with the deluxe is it doesn’t feel like it’s been long enough to put out a full thing. Obviously, I don’t know if this is the year to be putting out a big huge album release either.”

He explained that he can’t do the promotion for a new album he wants to do because of everything going on right now.

“You know, I’d much rather do things like this in person, and go and do the TV appearances, and the fun stuff that kinda comes along with an album release.”

The country music singer-songwriter shared that he made sure he was giving fans the best bonus tracks that he could on the project.

“People can think – at least I did … It’d be like, I’d hear it and go, ‘These are just some extra songs that weren’t good enough to make the album.’ So, I always wanted my deluxe to be different. We wanted to go into the studio and cut some stuff that is as good as, or better than the stuff that’s on the original album.”

The current single from Luke Combs titled “Better Together” can be found on both the original album and the deluxe version of the album. In just four weeks that song has climbed to #21 on the Billboard Country Airplay singles chart. Listen for the song on Bloomington-Normal’s #1 Country, B104.

Have you purchased the deluxe album What You See Ain’t Always What You Get from Luke Combs? Do you think the five new songs are as good or better than the songs on the original album?

By: Buck Stevens