Locash Drops “Cloud of Dust” With The Gronkowski Brothers [Listen]

Locash Drops “Cloud of Dust” With The Gronkowski Brothers [Listen]

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust of Locash teamed up with the Gronkowski Brothers—Chris, Dan, Glenn, Gordie and Rob—to record a new tune, “Cloud of Dust.”

The Gronkowski Brothers have parlayed their athletic skills and fun-loving personalities into entrepreneurial endeavors and media engagements. The most well-known brother, Rob, plays for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“We’ve been getting to know Rob outside of the spotlight and the touchdowns and he is an awesome guy—meeting his brothers and getting to work with them was such a fun, creative experience,” said Chris Lucas. “It was also such a natural fit to collaborate with them, because our last album is called Brothers and it’s all about coming together and that brotherly bond.”

“Cloud of Dust” was written by Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Dallas Davidson, Blake Bollinger and The Gronkowski Brothers.

Listen to “Cloud of Dust” below.

photo by TCD