Reba Still Expects ACM Awards to be a Great Show

Reba on the ACM Awards Red Carpet
Reba on the ACM Awards Red Carpet (Photo credit: Arroyo/O’Connor,

This year’s ACM Awards Show was postponed due to the pandemic and will be presented in a completely different way than ever before. However, country music superstar Reba still expects the show to be a great one.

The 55th Annual ACM Awards Show was originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on April 5th. Because of COVID-19 that show was postponed. It was moved to Nashville for the first time ever. It will take place tomorrow night (9/16). The broadcast will include performances from the Grand Ole Opry House, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Bluebird Café.

Keith Urban will serve as the host for the show for the first time in his career. Reba hosted the show 16 times and feels that Keith is going to be a great host even facing the situation this year.

“It’s gonna be different. But the best thing about Keith Urban is he’s an Entertainer, and he’s gonna make the best of the situation that he has been handed to. So, I think what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna find new ways of doing the award shows that are probably going to be more fun [and] more creative.”

Nobody really knows what to expect from this year’s ACM Awards Show. However, Reba believes the show will be very entertaining and a big success.

“With everybody sittin’ back seeing how the ACMs are gonna do it, I’m very curious to see what they’re gonna do. But they’ve always been successful in performing … puttin’ on a great, wonderful, entertaining, colorful, great show, and I don’t see that this year is gonna be any different.”

The 55th ACM Awards Show will air live from Nashville Wednesday (tomorrow) September 16th at 8 p.m. ET (7 p.m. CT) on CBS.

Do you plan on watch the ACM Awards Show?

By: Buck Stevens