Blake Shelton Sounds Off: Garth Brooks Is the ‘Entertainer of the Century’

(L-R) Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks
(L-R) Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks (Photo credits: YouTube and Tammie Arroyo,

Blake Shelton responded to Garth Brooks‘ announcement that he would be stepping aside and letting someone else win the CMA Entertainer of the Year award.

Shelton gave his opinion after Steve Wariner tweeted his reaction to Garth’s announcement, “If you’ve ever seen @garthbrooks live,” said Wariner. “you know why he consistently wins Entertainer of the Year. There is no one as big as Garth, but more importantly, there is no one as kind.”

“Agreed Steve…. He is Garth Brooks. GARTH BROOKS!!! I don’t give a s–t what anyone says. ANYONE. Entertainer of the century,” Shelton agreed.

Brooks said during a press conference that winning Entertainer of the Century during the 2019 CMA awards, “wasn’t fun” and he decided to bow to a fan’s suggestion that he “step aside and let someone else win.”

Do you think Garth Brooks did the right thing bowing out of the CMA category?