Are COVID-19 Cases Spiking in Illinois?

COVID-19 in Illinois
COVID-19 in Illinois

The number of confirmed case of the coronavirus in some states are spiking in recent days. Are COVID-19 cases spiking in our home state of Illinois.

The national news is reporting of spiking numbers of cases in states including Texas, Arizona, Florida and Arkansas.

What is happening with cases right here in Illinois? According to the Illinois Department of Public Health website, cases overall in the Land of Lincoln are going down. Here are the totals for confirmed cases in the past five days:

Thursday, June 25th: 894 confirmed cases
Friday, June 26th: 857 confirmed cases
Saturday, June 27th: 786 confirmed cases
Sunday, June 28th: 646 confirmed cases
Monday, June 29th: 738 confirmed cases

While there was a slight increase in cases from Sunday to Monday, as I pointed out previously overall the cases have been going down.

We will have to keep watching to see what happens in our state and across the nation.

By: Buck Stevens