Thomas Rhett Tries to “Be A Light” in His Life and Music

Thomas Rhett
(Photo credit: YouTube)

Singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett‘s (TR) has a song in the top 15 and climbing called “Be A Light.” He says he tries to live that song in his own life and through his music.

TR wrote the song with Josh Miller, Josh Thompson and Matt Dragstrem. He then recorded the song with Reba, Hillary Scott, Chris Tomlin and Keith Urban.

The song, at its core, is about being positive when so much of the world seems to be negative these days. The principles in the song are something TR says he tries to live his life by.

“One way I try to be a light for people is really just to lead by example. Whether it’s just posting something positive on Instagram about my wife or about my family, or being a light through music.”

Keeping positive messages in his music is something that is very important to the country music star.

“I really take pride in the way that I like to put positive, uplifting lyrics in my songs and really try to make sure that my music is suited for all ages and all ears.”

Perhaps it is the positive and uplifting messages in his music that has helped TR to be so successful with his music. His collaboration with Jon Pardi titled “Beer Can’t Fix” recently became his 15th #1 single. The song also marked the ninth consecutive chart topper for TR.

What do you do in your life that you feel has a positive effect on the world around you?

By: Buck Stevens