Thomas Rhett & Jason Aldean Give Their Adorable Kids The Hilarious “Toddler Challenge”

Ada James
Lauren Akins Instagram

The “Toddler Challenge” is taking over the internet right now as one of the cutest challenges in the world, and Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean’s kids took the test!

Have you heard of the “Toddler Challenge”?

It’s the newest viral trend that test the willpower and patience of toddlers tempted by sweet treats. Basically mom and dad put a bowl of candy in front of their kids and tell them they can have some, but then they leave the room and tell the kids they can’t touch it until they get back.

Somehow these tiny humans have so much patience even when they are tempted with jelly beans, donuts, or a bowl of M&M’s.

Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren gave the test to their daughter Ada James and she was “So berry patient.”



Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany also challenged their young son Memphis. He did ok to, but if Brittany had been gone just 30 seconds longer I’m pretty sure that donut would have been a goner haha!

These kids did better than I would any day! I wouldn’t last 2 seconds!

Have you tried the “Toddler Challenge” with your kids yet?