Russell Dickerson Performs Surprise Zoom Wedding As Hoda Officiates [VIDEO]

Zoom Wedding
Zoom Wedding On Today Show Screenshot

Yesterday one special couple got the surprise of a LIFETIME when Hoda Kotb from The Today Show officiated their wedding, and then Russell Dickerson performed their first dance song….and they did it all on Zoom!

Like many, Jon and Melanie were forced to cancel their big wedding and celebration, but Jon still wanted Melanie to have her special day. He was able to coordinate their wedding ceremony on a Zoom video call, complete with Hoda from the Today show as their officiant. Melanie, the bride, thought she was just having a zoom call with her bestie, so she was shocked when Hoda came on the call to perform the ceremony.

But that wasn’t all of the surprises for the couple, as Hoda announced Russell Dickerson would also be performing their first dance song to his hit “Yours,” which has been called the “wedding song of the year” in years past.

What an incredible moment and surprise, and memories they will have for the rest of their lives!

Watch the entire thing below!

Would you consider getting married on Zoom? I would perform the ceremony if anyone is interested!