Who Did Blake Shelton Keep in the Battle Rounds on ‘The Voice’? [VIDEOS]

Blake Shelton on season 18 of 'The Voice' (Photo credit: YouTube)
Blake Shelton on season 18 of ‘The Voice’ (Photo credit: YouTube)

Last night (3/23) the Battle Rounds began on season 18 of The Voice with some new rules.

At the start of the episode we were reminded that each coach gets a “Steal” and a “Save” in the Battle Rounds. However, this season there is a twist with them.

A coach cannot use their “Save” until the other coaches do not “Steal” the artist not chosen as the winner of the battle. After a battle is over and the winner is chosen by the coach, the other three coaches have until the remaining artist leaves the stage to steal him or her. Once the artist is off the steps of the stage the original coach can use their “Save” and the other coaches cannot steal. The four artists that receive a “Save” will face-off in a four-way battle later in the round with only one advancing on the show.

These new guidelines came into play during the first Battle Rounds episode last night.

The first battle of the night was between Team Blake’s Joei Fulco (22 years old) and Todd Michael Hall (50 years old). Blake Shelton gave the two rock singers Tina Turner’s “The Best” for their performance.

Following the battle Blake chose Joei as the winner. Kelly tried to “Steal” Todd Michael. However, since she waited until he was off the stage to press her button it did not work. That made it possible for Blake to press his button and use his “Save” to keep Todd Michael on Team Blake.

Blake’s second pairing of the night was Levi Watkins (14 years old) and Jamal Corrie (26 years old). Blake gave these two “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic. The two pop singers gave it their all for the performance.

Blake chose to move forward with Levi remaining on Team Blake sending Jamal home.

You can see the other battle from last night on The Voice YouTube channel here. You can see where all the teams stand on the official website of The Voice here.

The Battle Rounds on The Voice Season 18 will continue Monday, March 30th at 7 PM central time (8 PM eastern time) on NBC.

By: Buck Stevens