Dolly Parton Remembers Her Friend Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton sing
Kenny Rogers Dolly Parton YouTube

Kenny Rogers passed away Friday night at his home at the age of 81, and immediately everyone thought “I wonder how Dolly Parton is doing?”

Dolly and Kenny were well known singing partners, most famous for their hit “Islands in the Stream,” and more importantly lifelong friends.

Dolly paid tribute to Kenny with a video message on social media and a tweet that read:

“You never know how much you love somebody until they’re gone,” Parton tweeted. “I’ve had so many wonderful years and wonderful times with my friend Kenny, but above all the music and the success I loved him as a wonderful man and a true friend.”

Dolly also posted a video message while she clutched a photo of herself and Kenny and tried not to tear up…