Jason Aldean Hilariously Solves Toilet Paper Crisis


Can’t find toilet paper right now? Don’t worry, Jason Aldean has the solution…

Stores are selling out of toilet paper faster than they can stock it right now. My mom has gone every day to look for toilet paper right when the shipment is being set out, and every day the shelves are completely empty.

If this has happened to you, Jason Aldean says he’s got the answer (or at least a way to make you laugh.)

He posted a photo on Instagram of a CVS receipt looped around an empty toilet paper roll that says, “This is what it’s come to at my house since y’all bought up all the toilet paper.” If you remember, the pharmacy chain became notorious last year for their ridiculously long receipts, which made for some fun jokes and memes. Turns out, the receipts can also come in handy during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020.