Buck’s 2020 Polar Plunge Video

Last Saturday (2/22) was the annual Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics of Illinois.

The Radio Bloomington Plunge Team was a bit small this year. It consisted of me, Craig Collins and Coach Brock Spack. Just before we took the plunge, Coach suggested we plunge with dignity this year. Instead of running in and screaming, we walked into the 34-degree water and held in our cries from the freezing water.

I have to say thank you to Bloomington Meats, DJ Joe Curtis and the McLean County Sportsmen’s Association for their very generous donations to my plunge this year. I am not discounting the rest of you that donated. It took all of you to help me hit my $1,000 goal!

Even though I have already plunged, you can still donate to my plunge through the end of March to help my total raised grow. It’s for a great cause so CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

Again, thanks to all who donated and we’ll get ready for next year’s plunge. I wonder if I can talk them into moving it to like JUNE?

By: Buck Stevens