Hot Tips for The New Tax Year Part 1


With the Inspector General’s office indicating the federal government is losing billions of dollars due
to fraud and improperly prepared tax returns, the IRS has been pushed by Congress to increase its
enforcement efforts, such as the Path Act.

The IRS and the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) are generating question letters and mail
audits for taxpayers at an alarming rate requiring additional substantiation and responses. If handled
improperly, these letters and mail audits can lead to further investigation by the IRS or IDOR. This
often means substantial fees when we are asked to handle these audits for you or to resolve questions
raised by the IRS or IDOR.

To alleviate your concerns and protect you from these unexpected and burdensome costs, we have
designed our 2019 Audit Protection Plan for 2019 individual tax returns. Compare it to the insurance
you pay for your health, home or auto. You don’t like paying it, but you’re glad you have it when
you need it.

Here’s how it works – for a fee of $125, we will at no additional charge:

  • defend your 2019 individual tax return from audit,
  • handle all audit correspondence,
  • provide representation in any audits up to the appellate level,
  • schedule any audit appointments and make all audit phone calls,
  • handle any other notices of error and/or oversights,
  • and most importantly, you will not have to meet with the IRS.

The 2019 Audit Protection Plan applies only to 2019 individual income tax returns and only for tax
returns prepared by Tax and Accounting Plus.

You are, of course, responsible for maintaining adequate records and making them available to us so
that we can properly represent you before the taxing authorities. Similarly, you are liable for any
additional taxes, penalties or interest that may eventually be assessed.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, you must purchase the Audit Protection Plan at
the time of your tax preparation. If you do not wish to utilize this service, we will be pleased to
handle any questions from the taxing authorities and to represent you in audit situations at our normal
hourly billing rates, which currently are $125.

With the increase in letters and audits, I encourage you to consider the Audit Protection Plan. It is
great insurance at a reasonable cost. Our tax preparers will be glad to answer any questions to help
you determine if the Audit Protection Plan is right for you.

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