Why Did Dustin Lynch Name his New Album ‘Tullahoma’?

Dustin Lynch
(Photo courtesy of BBR Music Group)

Dustin Lynch is set to release his fourth studio album tomorrow, January 17th. Why did he name the project Tullahoma?

Most albums get their title from a song on the project. It might be the actual title of the song. It might be from a line in one of the songs. However, that is not the case for this new album

“I don’t say Tullahoma in any of the lyrics, there’s not a song that’s named Tullahoma. I didn’t want to name it after a song,” Dustin proclaims. “I stepped back and I looked at, ‘Man, why am I writing these songs? Why am I gravitating towards these songs that I’m recording out of the hundreds we’ve got?’ And, man, every single one points to my hometown.”

Dustin Lynch's 'Tullahoma' album cover
(Photo courtesy of BBR Music Group)

That’s right, the album is named after Dustin’s hometown of Tullahoma, Tennessee (around an hour southeast of Nashville). He says that naming the album after the town will help promote it around the world.

“There’s something cool about being in a position and having a platform that somebody across the world will see that word of that album, the name of that album, and go, ‘What is that?,’ and Google it and they’re gonna see my hometown. I think there’s just something cool to that,” Dustin shares.

Dustin says this album is different from his last album both musically and in its production.

“This collection of songs is more one flavor, and I think that is because it’s all pointing to the same place. You know, it’s songs about hanging out in Tullahoma … It’s songs about falling in love for the first time … It’s all that stuff. It’s songs about why I am who I am,” Dustin admits.

The new album has already produced two #1 singles “Good Girl” and “Ridin’ Roads.” Listen for both songs on Bloomington-Normal’s #1 Country, B104.

Do you plan on getting Dustin Lynch’s new album Tullahoma on release day? Let us know what you think of it when you do.

By: Buck Stevens