What Christmas Food is the Favorite of Darius Rucker?

Darius Rucker
(Photo credit: Tammie Arroyo, AFF-USA.com)

Christmas is just days away now. Darius Rucker has one specific food item he looks forward to during the holidays.

We all have our favorite food that we get just around the holidays. It’s something we look forward to. If it’s not there Christmas just isn’t the same.

The country music singer-songwriter and front-man of Hootie and the Blowfish has his favorite special treat as well.

“I’m a big food guy, as you can tell by looking at me up here. I like food a lot, but my favorite thing is my sister’s sweet potato pie. I love sweet potato pie so much, and I don’t get it very often. And my sisters always make sure I get a couple during Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that’s my favorite thing – sweet potato pie,” Darius shares.

Enjoy your sweet potato pie Darius. Hopefully you will get your fill to hold you to next year.

What is your favorite Christmas food?

By: Buck Stevens