Dolly Parton Finally Shares Origin Story of Her Biggest Assets with Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Over the years Dolly Parton has been asked about the size of her, shall we say “endowments”. The entertainment icon finally shared the story with Jimmy Fallon.

I remember Johnny Carson asking Dolly in an interview on The Tonight Show many years ago, “Are they real?” She responded, “Yes, real expensive.” That has been her standard response to the question since I can remember.

It only seems fitting that she would tell the story of the origins of “them” while appearing on The Tonight Show with current host Jimmy Fallon. You will love the story and Jimmy’s reaction to it!

The eight minute interview video above also has the two talking about other things in the works with Dolly prior to the … eh-em … “Big Reveal.”

More of Dolly’s interview with Jimmy is in the video below.

By: Buck Stevens