Granger Smith Opens Up For First Time About His Son River’s Tragic Death [VIDEO]

Granger Smith Family
YouTube/The Smiths

KLEENEX ALERT! Granger Smith is  finally opening up about his 3 year old son River’s tragic death earlier this month. He and his wife Amber shared a video, giving fans an update on how they are doing and even discussing what happened in the fatal accident.

Fans have always loved Granger for being an incredible singer & songwriter, but they also love him for being so kind, compassionate, and down to earth. After taking time to process their son’s death, Granger and Amber decided to let fans in on how they are holding up, with the love and support of their family, friends, and fans, and also share what happened leading up to the fatal incident.

Granger recalls he was outside doing gymnastics with his daughter London, while the 2 boys were having a water gun fight. It took a horrible turn after that, and suddenly Granger found himself inside the pool gate performing CPR on River. They rushed him to the hospital, doctors were unable to revive him, and he passed away two days later.

It’s a very intimate video that I’m sure was harder for them to make then it is for us to watch. Fighting back tears, Granger said, “Don’t feel sorry for us. We feel very blessed. We had an incredible boy for three years and we feel good about that.”

He shared with fans that he will be going back on tour because music has always been extremely healing for him, so I would assume you will see him at Country LakeShake Festival in Chicago this weekend. I’m sure it’s going to be an emotional part of the festival, so I’m hoping it will be therapeutic for Granger and Amber.

In another emotionally heightened moment, Granger shared that his daughter asked, “How long did River live?” to which he replied, “Just over a thousand days.”

Through tears he continued, “He lived a good 1000 days. That’s a huge example for me and how we’re going to look at every single day.”

Granger added, “Don’t feel sorry for us. We feel very blessed. We had an incredible boy for three years and we feel good about that.”

Grab your kleenex, and get ready for Granger Smith and his wife to let you in on a very intimate, private part of their lives. Also, probably best not to watch at work.