[VIRAL VIDEO] Dog Goes Missing, Returns With Hilarious Friends

Dog Runs In Field
Dog Runs In Field Source: Pixabay Thraniwan

One of my biggest fears is that my dogs will get out and run, they like adventure, so I have to keep an eye on them. Recently a dog named Bo, who is a black lab and looks very much like my babies, went missing from his families home. BUT, he came back with two unexpected friends and it’s HILARIOUS!

Bo, is the sweetest dog, but also an adventurer. He snuck out of the house, and went missing. His family was so worried that something might happen to them. They jumped in their truck and drove around for miles and miles trying to find Bo. The next day they heard that a dog that looked like Bo was spotted in a field 6 miles from home, so once again they jumped in the truck to bring their buddy home…they just weren’t prepared that he was bringing some friends, two unexpected tagalongs, another lab named Ozzy, and a goat named Libby, who belonged to their neighbors. You can’t help but LAUGH at this unexpected sight.

You’ve gotta watch this! Watch at :33…