Samsung Unveils 219-Inch “The Wall” TV!

Televisions have come a long way! They have gone from black and white to color, from a fuzzy picture to high definition, from a bubble screen to flat screen and from small screen to big screen. Samsung is taking it from big screen to MASSIVE!

The tech company has revealed their newest technology at the CES Technology Sow Las Vegas. Their new products include “The Wall,” a 219-inch (that’s over 18 feet) microLED display, modular TV! The company promotes the new technology as having the absolute latest and best picture quality that will have customization to individual needs and desires. The 12-inch panels can be arranged in just about any formation and viewing ratio you can imagine.

If “The Wall” is bigger than you have room to accommodate, a 75-inch version dubbed “The Window” will also be available. There is no word on the cost of either version yet.

Imagine watching your favorite show or sports team on an 18-foot TV!!

By: Buck Stevens